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Introducing the Jolicloud Alpha 2 release!

by Tariq Krim

June 26th, 2009

Jolicloud alpha 1 release has been tested by approximately 100 people. Their feedback has been crucial to improve our service, correct a few bugs and add some useful features. The installation documentation has also been improved thanks to early user feedback.

As we launch invitations, we want to share information about this alpha program.

As you join the alpha program, you will be using a product that we hope you will like very much, but that is also going to evolve a lot. We have integrated a web-assisted update system that is super simple to use. As we regularly produce new features, improvements, fixes, you will have to check for updates every week. As a member of our community, your feedback is vital to us. We are also dealing with a Linux UI and features legacy that we will improve and optimize.

If you are a Linux expert, developer and can help us with netbook and device compatibility, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the wiki. You can also chat with the development team on our irc channel.

You might be a designer or web developer who shares our vision that the web, and especially HTML 5, is the future. If you want to adapt your web service to netbooks screens (1024*575 pixels), please contact us to join our early bird developer program. Our full web apps technology relies on Mozilla Prism and we support Flash and Gears.

If you are a Jolicloud user, please give us feedback, we still have a lot to do before updating to beta status, and your input will help us prioritize developments.

We are looking for community leaders to help us with support and localisation. Interest in getting involved? Contact us, we’d love to hear from you!

Few things to know before joining the alpha program:

Jolicloud is designed and optimized for netbooks, but not all netbooks work with jolicloud yet. If your netbook is not on the list, it means that:

  • Your netbook has not been tested with Jolicloud: N270 or N280 Atom processor based netbooks with a GMA 950 should work however as we have not yet had the opportunity to full test them we prefer not to add them to the list.
  • Your netbook might use hardware we don’t support yet: for example some netbooks are using the GMA 500 graphical card from Intel (such as the Sony Vaio P, the Dell Mini 10 (not the 10v), the MSI U115 , etc. This processor that is shipped with the atom Z520 has not yet updated Linux drivers (more details on this epic story here). We hope that this will be resolved soon, but until then we cannot support GMA 500 Poulsbo machines.  Some other platforms like MIPS, via C7-M, and ARM are not supported yet.

Our goal is to get as many netbooks supported but in any case, if your netbook is not on the list yet, you shouldn’t install Jolicloud. If you do you are on your own, as we won’t be able to provide technical support.

If you are using a computer that is not a netbook, or a desktop or a tablet computer, we will not provide support either. As our system is derived from Ubuntu, it should not be impossible to run Jolicloud on another device, but we don’t have the necessary resources to provide assistance. If you manage to get Jolicloud to run on a cool device like a PS3 or a MID, we are very interested to hear about it and we will have a dedicated section in our wiki.

Building the coolest app directory for netbooks

We have built our own application directory combining web and native applications that can be Linux or Windows if you use Wine. If you have any questions regarding these applications you will have to contact the developers responsible for them directly. Jolicloud is not locked so if you have advanced knowledge you will be able to add native applications that are not in our directory.

We are interested to hear about any cool web application that has been optimized for a netbook screen and will replace existing native software. If there are applications you would recommend and would like to see in our directory, please let us know.

Building global support for 3G cards

Jolicloud has been designed to use 3G cards and we will focus our efforts to provide the widest support. We want to hear about your experience of using 3G USB dongles and internal 3G modems. Your ideas and feedback on compatibility and on how to optimize the use of 3G with Jolicloud will be very valuable to us.

Media, video and screenshots

If you write a review or a create a screencast of Jolicloud, please let us know and add it to the wiki, don’t forget to tag your photos and videos with “Jolicloud”.

On Twitter, Jolicloud alpha testers can use the #jolicloud tag so we can track your feedback there as well.

We hope you enjoy Jolicloud and look forward to hearing from you very soon!

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June 26, 2009
7:56 pm

Thanks to the team for all the hard work, can’t wait for my invite. Looking forward to making Jolicloud the best netbook OS ever seen!



Kenneth Lorthioir
June 26, 2009
7:59 pm

Looking forward to this! Hoping I get an invite. Keep up the good work guys!

[...] Tariq Krim placed an observative post today on Jolicloud – BlogHere’s a quick excerptOur goal is to get as many netbooks supported but in any case, if your netbook is not on the list yet, you shouldn’t install Jolicloud. If you do you are on your own, as we won’t be able to provide technical support. … Building global support for 3G cards. Jolicloud has been designed to use 3G cards and we will focus our efforts to provide the widest support. A significant number of 3G USB dongles and internal 3G modems are supported, but we are interested to have your … [...]

June 26, 2009
8:09 pm

Man, I installed the new Ubuntu 9.04 on my Hardy Eee, then installed my Dropbox, and BOOM killed my GUI. No one at Daily can resurrect it. Can I get an invite so one of the true geeks can command line that sh*z before I leave the Karambole?


June 26, 2009
8:46 pm

Jolicloud has looked great since it was first unveiled and I’ve been waiting anxiously for an invite since then. I can’t wait to give this a go!

June 26, 2009
9:58 pm

Whens the next batch of invitations ? :)
(personally i am not impatient but my netbook is) thx

June 26, 2009
10:21 pm

I really waaaaant an invitation!

June 26, 2009
10:39 pm

Can you specify which 3G USB dongles are supported ?

June 26, 2009
11:14 pm

jolicloud did not detect my msiwind u100′s wifi drivers. Any ideas?

June 27, 2009
3:38 am

@quique can you contact us ? feedback at jolicloud dot com

June 29, 2009
1:48 pm

To install Joli Cloud into a Virtual Machine with Virtual Box.

1. Run the command to create a bootable VDI image (without quotes):
“VBoxManage convertfromraw jolicloud-robby-alpha2-live.img jolicloud-robby-alpha2-live.vdi”

2. Run the command to create a new empty VDI image where to install the image with 4GB space:
“VBoxManage createhd -filename jolicloud-robby.vdi -size 4000″
Note: you can use -register option at the end of this command or register this VDI file from the VirtualBox later.

3. Create a new VM using the jolicloud-robby-alpha2-live.vdi (use the existing vdi option)

4. Attach the jolicloud-robby.vdi as a Primary Slave

5. Start the VM (boot)

6. Install

Then Enjoy…

June 30, 2009
7:23 am

[...] bloggante sta testando la prima versione pubblica di Jolicloud la nuova distribuzione per netbook realizzata da Tariq Krim, founder di [...]

June 30, 2009
9:07 am

@quique, msi wind 100 issue is fixed

Cool post, just subscribed.

July 2, 2009
2:15 pm

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July 3, 2009
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July 5, 2009
7:22 am


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July 7, 2009
12:04 am

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July 18, 2009
8:21 am

I solved it and have jolicloud properly running in VirtualBox :-)

Use UltraIso to extract jolicloud IMG files to a folder. Then open Ubuntu ISO with UltraIso. Copy the jolicloud extracted files into the Ubuntu ISO and save the modified ISO.

Now you can boot that ISO from VirtualBox and it is Jolicloud :-)

[...] Original post : [...]

[...] till Jolicloud, och har därmed haft äran att testa det. Jag installerade det i VirtualBox (läs hur du går tillväga) och tog ett par [...]

July 24, 2009
7:02 am

I install jolicloud in my msi wind u100, everything works fine less the wifi. Jolicloud did not detect my wifi drivers. Any sugestions? Thanks guys!

July 25, 2009
4:06 pm

I had a similar issue as Fonky Nero. Jolicloud couldnt detect my wifi card, I have the MSI Wind. Also is it possible to install Jolicloud on my Wind along side OSX and XP?

July 27, 2009
5:40 pm

Just started running Jolicloud in a Virtual machine, and it looks great – I’m really impressed so far, the package management seems really neat. Good work guys!

July 27, 2009
11:25 pm

Vorrei provarlo sul mio SAMSUNG n-310, ho fatto la richiesta per ottenere l’invito ma non ho ancora ricevuto niente. Cosa devo fare per averlo ????

July 28, 2009
3:13 pm

@Mark I am running Mac OS X, Jolicloud and W7 on my Wind, all working fine thanks to this guide:

@Tariq How did you get the Wind wireless card to work on Jolicloud? Could you please post direction on how to do this? I have the Realtek 8187se wireless card on my Wind. Thanks!

[...] Netbooks installiert werden. Offiziell wird die Installation in eine VM nicht dokumentiert. Hier gibts allerdings eine auf den ersten Blick einfach [...]

July 29, 2009
3:24 am

so, i’m trying to get joli working on my Dell Mini9, but I can’t get to the first step. I try to get a USB thumb drive up and running, but it just won’t take, and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

I’m following the online instructions, and I get to the “sudo dd of….” step. After pressing enter, I’m supposed to get a bytes written confirmation, but it just goes back to a command prompt, and there’s nothing on the stick. Is there more documentation somewhere?

Thanks, can’t wait to get it up and running!!

[...] site de Jolicloud toujours (autant chercher l’information à la source) et je suis tombé sur ce petit explicatif dans les commentaires. Ni une, ni deux j’ai tenté et ça fonctionne. Je m’en vais vous [...]

August 22, 2009
3:31 am

downloaded on my Mac…

Got his error:

ISO selected
Writing ISO on USB…
/bin/dd command failed

August 22, 2009
3:34 am

downloaded the ISO and the USB Key tool.
With Admin rights on my account (also used root), when exe the usb key creator, does nothing and have this log here:

ISO selected
Writing ISO on USB…
/bin/dd command failed

Anyone has any idea?

August 22, 2009
4:41 am

Anyway, I am trying the other method now. However, i am just interested to know if anyone can use the usb creator at all? It appears this is a “starting point” and should not have any issues at all……. this is critical for more users to adopt.

August 27, 2009
6:10 am

VIA C7-M and Chrome9 should be programmed for asap!!!!

November 11, 2009
3:32 am

Any news on Poulsbo driver (GMA500) support?

I tried to follow the wiki on a Ubuntu website without any success:

tom chr
November 30, 2009
10:48 am

I really look forward to receive an invite.

I am very eager to know more about your plans to include support for touch screens, e.g the new asus netbooks. It would be breat as a center for home multi media.

March 4, 2010
9:27 pm

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March 19, 2010
11:58 pm

Well Done! I Like it!

March 20, 2010
6:10 am

jolicloud will not recognize the rtl8187sSE wifi in my asus 701sd (same card as mswind U100). is there a fix for this?

April 8, 2010
6:30 am

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May 24, 2010
3:00 pm

We need an OS that runs every hardware out of the box. Jolicloud is trying to achieve that. If jolicloud can detect all the hardware it can very easily replace windows and that is what all the people are look at.

September 25, 2010
9:03 am

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