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Introducing Search for your Jolidrive

by Jolicloud Team

April 16th, 2013

Today we are very excited to introduce Search. Since we introduced Jolidrive it’s been one of the most requested features and it’s now available to all our users.

Your Jolidrive becomes searchable

We made it very easy to search anything you have in your Jolidrive: music, photos, documents, videos in your online storages but search can also help you find great content in all your favorite social services like Instagram, Tumblr, SoundCloud, Youtube and more…


Find and play all the music you have on your favorite online storages


Search “karaoke” on YouTube and favorite the songs that will warm up your next party

Not enough?
You can also search for instance “Paris” on Instagram and like the photos of the places you want to visit during your next trip or search “Meme” on Tumblr to stay on the edge…

Explore your personal cloud

Combined with search we have created a powerful discovery feature letting you hop from users to locations or keywords. It’s a great way to discover new music, photos and videos that you can like and share with your friends.


On Instagram for instance, you can click on users and locations

New services available

A lot of cool new services have made their appearance in the Jolidrive and most of them work with search!

Click here to activate search on your Jolidrive and discover new content.

Happy jolidriving!

Comments (17)

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April 16, 2013
5:29 pm

Nice! Thanks for the update–I can now get rid of bookmarks to all my various cloud storage sites! :)

Jorge Fernandes
April 16, 2013
9:05 pm

Wondeful improvement!

Thank you so much

April 17, 2013
2:08 pm

Thank you!
Feel free to spread the word on social networks :)

Nicholas Bodsworth
April 17, 2013
6:50 pm

Awesome updates!
I don’t suppose you could also add Pogoplug and Mega to the supported services?
And Google Music would also be quite cool.

Raymond Mc Donagh
April 18, 2013
3:20 pm

Hi, well that looks like a useful feature. But I got a few questions,(1) Is Jolidrive now a re-brand of Jolicloud? (2) Jolicloud used to have a downloadable ISO that could be installed to a hard drive (or USB Sticks fro that matter) that could make Jolicloud the DEFAULT OS on a laptop/netbook, and that was waaaay before Chrome OS ( Yah! Boo! to you Google!!) . What ever happened to that? (3) Is it still possible to get an ISO of the latest Jolicloud?
I got to say I would rather have a fully Jolicloud Netbook/Laptop (capable of offline use as well as online) than I would a Chromebook any day!!
Yours Sincerely,
Solstice Eireann

April 18, 2013
3:55 pm

@Nicholas Bodsworth: All services are under consideration. That said, MEGA and Google Music have no public API yet.

April 18, 2013
3:58 pm

@Raymond Mc Donagh:

(1) Jolicloud is the company name. Jolidrive is one of our products that uses the Jolicloud platform.

(2) (3) The OS, Joli OS, is still there:
That said, take a look at our beta Desktop Environment:

andrea maira
April 20, 2013
3:36 pm

oh..really good!!! always better!!

Raymond Mc Donagh
April 21, 2013
8:59 pm

I see that there is a beta for Jolicloud Desktop Enviroment for Ubuntu. If one is using Gnome 3 and not Unity will it still work as a DE for Ubuntu?

Raymond Mc Donagh
April 21, 2013
9:01 pm

The above question might sound a bit on the silly side, but I am not all that good with Linux, and am a cautious soul at heart at the best of times

April 22, 2013
2:14 pm

@Raymond Mc Donagh: Yes, it will work :) There’s no relation between the Jolicloud Desktop Environment and Unity.

June 10, 2013
9:38 pm

Mega is a good plus please when the API is public,

and what about multiple accounts?
if we have 2 or more accounts with any said Cloud provider can we have each account listed?

June 11, 2013
3:55 pm

This is something under consideration.

July 6, 2013
8:02 pm

Came back to jolidrive and really liking. However when I use the search bar it doesn’t search any of my personal files, only app launcher and app center.

July 8, 2013
11:38 am

Are you using Chrome? If yes:
1. Open a new tab and go to the following URL: chrome://appcache-internals/
2. Remove the Jolicloud entries
3. Go back to your Jolidrive and refresh the page

Thank you for the praise!