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Master your Drive with keyboard shortcuts

by Jolicloud Team – 4 comments

August 25th, 2014

For some time now, we’ve made keyboard shortcuts available using List View in Drive. Keyboard shortcuts allow for speedy, common actions like Ctrl + X, Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V for cut, copy and paste, but also for lesser known ones like R for rename and S for share. You can also use the arrow keys (or J, K, H, L) for navigating through your cloud storage.

Today, we’re presenting those same keyboard shortcuts to Grid View. Grid View allowed you to get a quick glance at your files in a pleasing, visual layout, and now you can manage those files even faster using your keyboard.

You can use V to switch between List and Grid view at any time.
If you need help, simply press ? for a full list of keyboard shortcuts.

We hope these quick shortcuts will help to speed up your workflow and make your life in the cloud easier. Enjoy!

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Drive Update: Enjoy your files with a beautiful grid view

by Jolicloud Team – 6 comments

July 30th, 2014

Drive has been updated! You can now browse your files with our new grid view.

This new grid view is absolutely perfect for glancing through photos, music, videos or quickly finding that document you were editing last month. Try it today!

Enjoy your files!

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Introducing Drive, the new way to manage your storage

by Jolicloud Team – 10 comments

June 20th, 2014

A couple of days ago we have launched our new app Drive.

Drive is the missing filesystem for the cloud. Most of us are using many different storages, but it has never been easy to access them all at one time. This is why we have created Drive. It combines all your storages and makes it easy to access and share your files. If you are already a Jolicloud user, you just need to log with your existing account and start adding new storage.

For intensive and professional users, we are introducing a Pro version. Drive Pro is the ultimate storage interface. It enables you to add multiple accounts of the same service – such as your work and personal accounts. It also makes it possible for the first time to move files from one storage to another. Just drag and drop and voilà!

We hope you will love Drive and we can’t wait to listen to your feedback. How much space do you have combined? What are the features you want to see, the services you want us to add?

We are looking forward to hear all your feedback, in the meantime pay a visit to our new website and check out more details about Drive.

Happy Joliclouding!

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