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Heartbleed? It’s ok. You’re home and safe with Jolicloud!

by Jolicloud Team – 3 comments

April 10th, 2014

On April 7th, a group of security researchers discovered and publicly disclosed a vulnerability called “Heartbleed” in OpenSSL library. This library is used to secure online communications for most services on the Internet.

As soon as we were aware of Heartbleed, we checked our entire backend to make sure your data are and have been safe. And the good news is that we were not affected by the issue because our version of OpenSSL is not vulnerable to Heartbleed!

Of course, we are still monitoring the situation and will do the necessary for you if we discover anything. Because OpenSSL is widely used on the Internet, we recommend checking if your other services are affected before logging into them again.

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Jolicloud 2 Housewarming Party

by Jolicloud Team – 53 comments

December 12th, 2013

After months of hard work, we are ready to give our existing users early access to Jolicloud 2 and the awesome new features we have prepared for you.

Jolicloud 2 lives entirely in the browser. It’s been designed mainly for Chrome and Chromebook users, but it should also work with other modern browsers.

If you have used one of our previous products, you should be familiar with the interface. We have kept all the best parts like the Joli OS desktop and the Jolidrive layout, but we have reorganized everything under two roofs.

Home and Drive

Jolicloud has now two sections: Home which gathers all your content in one place, and Drive which unifies all your online storage.
You can switch between Home and Drive at any time, and both services have been designed to work well together.

If you are still using the Jolicloud app launcher, no worries: it’s now under the Drive section. You can make it appear or disappear in the settings.

What’s New: Don’t miss out on what’s happening

With all the services that we follow out there, it’s hard to keep track of all the things that matter. With What’s New, everything is in one place, organized in categories.

Library: Keep the important stuff in one place

Library is your time machine that keeps an organized history of all the things you’ve liked across the Internet. Anything you’ve liked elsewhere will automagically appear there. And when you like something in Jolicloud, it automatically adds it to your Library and sends a like to the original service.

Feedly: Bring the news!

Because news is an important part of our cloud life, we have worked with Feedly to bring you one of the simplest RSS experiences available. And we’ve fully integrated it with other cloud services.

Google Reader users, Jolicloud is now officially your new Home!

Drive: All your online storages


Our storage interface is one of the best available in a browser. With Drive, you can manage all your storage services online in one place. And you can do much more with your files than you could in the original web interface of the service: play music and video, edit text, share files and folders in one click.

Try it, you will love it!

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Jolicloud 2 – Your modern alternative to iGoogle

by Jolicloud Team – 36 comments

October 30th, 2013

On November 1st, in just a few short days, iGoogle will be shutting down. The reason for this, according to Google, is that the product is not relevant to the present.

“We originally launched iGoogle in 2005 before anyone could fully imagine the ways that today’s web and mobile apps would put personalized, real-time information at your fingertips.” (*)

We believe you should not have to fear becoming homeless!

Jolicloud 2 is here to welcome all users who are looking for an alternative, a more modern home that better suits today’s digital behaviours and landscapes.

Jolicloud 2 is a place to call home. We are constantly up to date on digital trends and technology in order to keep your home relevant to you and to the present.

In November, we will open the doors to our digital housewarming party. We will reveal all our new features and services that make a home a home. However, you are welcome to join today to secure an invite and get going with your new place.

Happy Joliclouding!

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